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8Manage’s integrated management has greatly improves the reliability of our management information.

China Mobile Yunnan leverages 8Manage to streamline marketing processes,reduce costs and improve collabortion and effectiveness.
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China Mobile is the largest among all overseas listed Chinese companies and among all telecom carriers in Asia with annual sales exceeding $52B. China Mobile Yunnan provides wireless communications and network services to 12 million subscribers in the Yunnan Province.

Critical Issue

The marketing leadership team recognized that they had serious operational issues when they missed a critical delivery date on a corporate marketing campaign that cost millions. After this, leaders realized they had limited visibility into project initiatives and business processes because they were all performed off-line through email, spreadsheets, team meetings, and phone calls. Project planning and tracking processes were seldom performed and inconsistent. Besides being slow to detect project performance problems, the leaders realized that communicating corrective actions and implementing policy changes across their function took too long and had real financial and internal control implications.

Solution Needed

The VP of Marketing wanted an Executive Dashboard into her operations. She believed that by bringing all marketing business processes and projects online they could establish complete operational visibility. She wanted to build a culture of accountability, and that required a new solution to help her automate work processes and management decision-making within the department. She believed this called for an official, transactional system of record for all their business strategies, operational decisions, tactical projects, and business results.

We Provided

WisageTech consulting services and 8ManagePM software helped them achieve these capabilities.

• Fully automated marketing management and operational processes
• Greatly increased project success rate
• Streamlined administrative function , improved resource utilization and reduce the direct labor and overhead costs