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8Manage has helped Vanda Group to effectively streamline its end-to-end business process, increase its information transparency and enable its marketing, sales and deliveries to be managed in an integrated manner.
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Founded in 1982, Vanda Group ("Vanda") is a premier IT solutions provider in Asia that specializes in systems infrastructure and application solutions services with approximately 1,000 employees. As Vanda Group has grown in size and geography it has become increasingly critical that they bring business operations online to lower administrative costs, increase business agility and enable better collaboration across all client engagements.

Critical Issue

Their CEO and COO had these goals in mind and searched for a Professional Service Automation(PSA) system to help them improve program performance. The key challenge was that their business and project managers only received financial status reports after accounting periods closed. This delayed performance insight and management decision-making by up to two months. Furthermore, schedule, resource and technical information was not consistently documented or reliably captured in an official system of record. As a result business and project performance reviews did not surfaced problems in time to mitigate profit impacts and client complaints.

Solution Needed

What they told us they needed was some way to improve visibility across their business so that all employees could collaborate around a single, central instance of business performance data available through the Web. It was critical that this system standardize and capture critical operational and technical project data in addition to financials. Finally, the system must operate in real-time, so that leaders could obtain immediate insight and be automatically notified when problems surfaced.

We Provided

8Manage PM/PMO/PSA software helped them achieve these capabilities.


•Fully integrated sales, marketing, service delivery, and financial processes within a single system for real-time business management
• Real-time executive visibility into business and project performance
• Higher client involvement and satisfaction
• Improved cash flow by reducing the billing cycle from monthly to weekly
• Projected over $2M in net benefits