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8Manage allows us to track our work progress, improve our resource management and use e-Contract to improve our business and operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Contact us: +852-6969-6665 or +86-20-3873 2922

Shenzhen Watch & Clock Quality Test Centre (SWQC) was established with the support of the Shenzhen government and is one of the public technology service providers for the watch industry. SWQC specializes in quality testing of watches and clocks. SWQC was founded in August, 2004. In November 2005, SWQC was recognized by CNAS for the proficiency of its test and calibration laboratories, and became a member of CNAS. (Authorized Institutions Certifi- cate: Number L2363)

SWQC has the worlds most advanced specialized test equipment. Customers include watch manufacturers, watch suppliers, buyers and government departments. SWQC corporate policy is to be "scientific, fair, accurate, honest." SWQC provides accurate test data to all clients, resulting in a significant contribution to the development of watch industry.

Critical Issue
SWQC needs to handle a great number of projects and to provide the most accurate test data to clients within a promised time, which is a significant challenge for the equipment management and test process management groups. Meanwhile, executives need a real-time monitor of the test progress. An effective tool for contract and customer service management is yet another urgent requirement of SWQC.

SoluƟon Needed
To optimize test resource management, and provide the executives with real-time test progress tracking, SWQC needs an intelligent, automatic, easy-to-use CRM solution. With E-Contract Management, and without voluminous paper work, all contracts are standardized. Customer service is optimized and client satisfaction is increased.

We Provided

WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software helped SWQC achieve these goals.


• 8Manage CRM now is the management standard of SWQC. Group performance and test quality are evaluated based upon data provided by the system
• Information sharing has increased and the cost of internal communications has decreased
• Real-time tracking has increased work efficiency by 30%
• Client satisfaction ratings average over 95%