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8Manage allows us to track our work progress, improve our resource management and use e-Contract to improve our business and operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Contact us: +852-6969-6665 or +86-20-3873 2922

Shenzhen Watch & Clock Technology Centre (SZWTC) was established in 2002, as a service provider and leader for technology innovation and management optimization within the Watch & Clock industry. It has created a platform for industry information and provides related educational and counseling services; it offers management skills development; and it also provides training in the application of new technology. Besides, SZWTC has established a strong R&D team to develop new material, new technology and new products.

Critical Issue

Counseling clients often have their own requirements for training or R&D services. But client information within SZWTC was scattered among different department, which did not and could not enable cross-selling effectively. Counseling, training and R&D business processes were handled by staff in different departments, with little automation. Productivity remained low and it was very difficult for others to check progress or even coordinate current services and processes.

Solution Needed

SZWTC needed an integrated client data base, so that employees in different departments could efficiently record and quickly find client information and requirements in one place. They believed the solution must be broad enough to meet the needs of each department in order to achieve this goal. They also wanted an automated tool, to support all business processes: provide counseling services, promote training courses and manage R&D projects. They expected this to increase the productivity of the whole group, and enable coordination between different departments.

We Provided
WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software helped SZWTC achieve these goals.

• Achieved client information integrity by establishing a common enterprise application with a single database for different department needs, and allowed access to other departments or designated people
• Enabled consultants to provide timely, professional counseling services through an on-time service platform and full-scale knowledge base; consultancy services increased by 20%
• Provided sales staff of training courses, through marketing automation and sales force automation, 50% more time available to visit clients; average course attendance rate reached 95%
• Because project management is seamlessly integrated into 8Manage CRM, R&D project management of progress and quality improved and project success rate was increased by 15%
• Enhanced coordination between departments for same-client services; customer satisfactory rate jumped to 98%