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8Manage allows us to track our work progress, improve our resource management and use e-Contract to improve our business and operations efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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The Shenzhen Watch & Clock Association was founded in 1987. The association organizes and hosts trade shows and other industry events to showcase new technologies and bring industry buyers and sellers together. They also provide professional services to member organizations such as technical research, design and testing services. As their membership and service portfolio grew they needed better ways to efficiently scale their sales, marketing and customer support operations.

Critical Issue
The marketing and member services departments were frustrated because they lacked accurate, consistent and comprehensive information records for the thousands of members served. Poor data quality across all departments created many problems, from mistakes in marketing to poor service quality and support. In addition, completing routine work like preparing and executing a marketing campaign required numerous staff to develop lists, validate data, and reach out to thousands of contacts.

Solution Needed
The Association wanted to eliminate information silos residing in every department and manage all member information in a central database. They believed that to accomplish this, the solution must be broad enough to meet each departments needs. The goal was to fully automate and integrate all business processes on a common system, including sales, marketing, customer support and service. Finally, they wanted an advanced marketing automation tool that could execute high-volume email marketing operations to significantly lower support staff requirements.

We Provided

WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software provided the best solution.


• Eliminated all data integrity problems by establishing a common enterprise application with a single database to store and maintain all enterprise business data across functional departments
• Capture all member preferences, service information, survey feedback, and transaction history on a standard electronic record to provide sales and services teams with 360⁰ insight into the customer experience and organizational “touch points”
• Reduced communication costs by decreasing internal phone call, meetings and travel requirements
• Process status and assignment updates are available online and work-flow driven by automatic email alerts to relevant stakeholders
• Decreased sales and marketing costs while growing membership revenue and expanding service levels