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8Manage has tremendously improved Sunny Mould’s business information sharing, cross-organizational efficiency and customer retention.
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Contact us: +852-6969-6665 or +86-20-3873 2922

Sunny Mould Base Manufactory Ltd., a subsidiary of Top Concept Industrial Ltd., was founded in 1985. With over 10 years experiences and entrepreneurial spirit of renovation, it is now a large-scale mould base manufacturing corporate.

Critical Issue
Although Sunny Mould Base Manufacturing has significantly increased its market share and client base, Sunny Mould’s CEO found their traditional client management module is not adequate to meet their requirements for customer relationship management. Many problems have resulted from inaccurate, inconsistent and incomplete information and records for the increasing numbers of customers; and poor coordination and interaction across all departments further hampered Sunny Mould’s operations. As a result, the company began losing existing clients and customer complaints about poor service quality and support increased.

Solution Needed
Sunny Mould management needed an integrated system to share clients’ real-time interaction information and requirements between Marketing, Engineering, and Manufacturing Departments. With a CRM tool to record communications and results with clients, to document the results, and to help assign a responsible person for follow-up, they could improve accountability across all departments and understand their clients better. With this tool, they can provide the clients with better services and a higher level of support. The system has to be web-based so they can capture real-time data and continuously report activities throughout the whole life cycle of client management.

We Provided
WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software helped them achieve these capabilities.

• Integrated marketing, engineering, manufacturing processes to achieve real-time client information management
• Effectively stemmed the loss of existing clients
• Increased client growth over 10%
• Client product and service satisfaction ratings averaged over 90%