Professional Service ERP

All-in-one provides integrated CRM+Service Mgt.+PM functionality for professional service organizations to run their business and operations. All-in-one plays a role parallel to that of ERP software products in such industries as manufacturing and retail. In the service sectors, consulting firms and managed service providers can use All-in-one features to do the following:

Optimizing Operational Success

All-in-one strongly integrates Service Mgt. and PM with CRM and provides visibility into the opportunity and quotation processes and the contract details. This enables your teams to manage resource demands and forecast financials much more easily. It also enhances pipeline forecasting and profitability analysis. 

All-in-one supports different types of contracts to have different workflows and allows your team to define, automate and track contract details to ensure that deliveries and invoicing run smoothly, and to combine and manage fee schedules, billing rules, time, and expense rules and more.

This is particularly useful as services contracts become more complex, and the demand for new revenue billing methods increases.  

Contract management is critical to optimizing operational success within your organization, and so is how you gain actual visibility into that data.

All-in-one contains a strong business analytics function that can improve communication about the financial pulse and health of engagements and it is an essential feature for monitoring the overall success of your organization. 

Financial Management

All-in-one provides real-time work-in-progress management accounting. Operations are automated for engagement budgeting and billing, and shortening days of outstanding sales—all of which generate real-time insights about the financial health of your engagements.

All-in-one allows your team to access comprehensive project-related financials anytime, including revenue, bookings, backlog, billing, budgets, and rate realization and quickly make adjustments as needed without driving up administrative costs.

All-in-one offers real-time notifications and alerts that help your team correct problems. Its financial infrastructure applies to global organizations. Its configurable dashboards and real-time data aggregation ability are important to your team.

Resource Management

Your business is your people. Amid the strong competition, service organizations are taking a closer look at the financial stability of the marketplace, and many are taking a stronger view of their operational practices and making the tough decisions necessary around cost control. A natural area of focus is workforce efficiencies. Yet, without accurate transparency into the details of the resource utilization and distribution, the risk of decisions impacting the success of the organization increases. 

Besides, many organizations still regard resource management as a singular process or incident within the organization. Using All-in-one, you can easily manage teams across your entire organization. Schedule the right people, with the right skills, for the right projects at the right time, and optimize the deployment of your people.

Project Management: Success from Start to Finish

Because today’s projects are not one-size-fits-all, choosing the right execution method and being able to manage that within All-in-one is important. Whether you are using agile, PMBOK or the like, a multimodal approach enables your organization to be more agile.  

You want the capacity to monitor the finances of each project at every step to ensure delivery stays on track, within budget, and with a positive impact on margins. 

Time and Expense Management

Your workforce is becoming more mobile and today’s technology is designed to support a more connected digital workforce. All-in-one has out-of-the-box support for a mobile app that enables to:

  • Submit time and expenses anytime, anywhere
  • Make it easy for services teams to complete a variety of tasks and submit time and expenses from any device.
  • Push notifications so that team members stay informed and connected
  • Localize to support distributed team members in multiple countries

The aggregated impact of these features includes happier teams, increased adoption, accurate time and expense data and more satisfied customers.  

Revenue Management: Ensuring Healthy Growth

Measuring results at every step of the engagement is critical to reporting on how margins are being impacted. But that can seem impossible. Fortunately, this is not the case!

All-in-one features include integrated invoicing capabilities that streamline the order-to-cash cycle, and automated processes that capture and track data at every step of the engagement. It is certainly possible to recognize revenue in real-time. Aggregating data to reflect all in-flight engagements starts to paint the picture of how the organization as-a-whole is performing.

Deliver Deep Visibility and Collaboration

Powerful and collaborative, All-in-one keeps projects aligned to tasks and budgets, and all stakeholders informed. See what is happening across your entire service practice, including project status, resource demands, customer interactions, risks and more.

Full Lifecycle Service Forecasting

Utilize All-in-one to get flexible revenue and billing forecasting across both projects and opportunities with configurable reporting and business rules.

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