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Enterprise Mgmt Cloud Applications

Our company provides Private and Public Clouds for eCRM, O2O, eProcurement, eTender, ePPM , eFinance, eOA, eHCM, eBI, ePSA, eKnowledge Work ERP and eManufacturing ERP . The prevailing forces of Integrated Management, Business Straight Through, Social Media, Mobility and Big Data created huge demand for such a new generation of enterprise application environment.

Cloud Software & Services


8Manage products were designed for clouding computing from day one. We provide both Private and Public Clouds for the following solutions:

  • 8Manage CRM:Mobile Internet CRM
  • 8Manage SPM:Supplier & Procurement Management
  • 8Manage Simple PM:Simple to Start & Extend PM
  • 8Manage PM:Advanced Tool for Project Planning & Execution
  • 8Manage PMO:High Performance PMO
  • 8Manage Agile:Short Iteration Product Development
  • 8Manage Finance:Strong Connectivity with Businesses & Operations
  • 8Manage HCM:Human Capital Management
  • 8Manage OA:New Generation Office Automation
  • 8Manage BI:Point-and-click BI
  • 8Manage O2O:B2C, B2B, eExchange, eSettlement & eERP
  • 8Manage FAS: Knowledge Enterprise Full Automation eERPSuite
  • 8Manage eERP2:Manufacturer eERP2
  • 8Manage eExpense: Web & Smartphone Expense Report System
  • 8Manage eLeave:eLeave & Leave Management
  • 8Manage eTimesheet:Web & Smartphone Timesheet System
  • 8Manage eLearning:Advanced eLearning System
  • 8Manage eSurvey: Easy-to-use eSurvey System
  • 8Manage eDMS & KM: eDocument & Knowledge Management
High End Tailor To Your Own Vision Private Cloud

We offer High End Private Cloud to our high end clients. We have strong expertise in designing and operating infrastructure and platform clouds and will work with you to ensure your infrastructure and platform are proper for all the cloud applications that your organization deploys.

Unlike other cloud computing vendors who do not have the abilities for offering application customization service, we offer customization as one of our regular service items. We offer application customization in accordance to previously agreed-to User Requirement Specification (URS) at a standard rate of US$800 per man-day. Within a week or two, typically, the customization will be ready for delivery and acceptance. The customer will be given a temporary duplicate cloud services site for a week to perform acceptance testing at no extra charge. Upon acceptance, the customization will be simply put onto the Production Cloud Service site ready for use by all users.

Economical DIY Customization Public Cloud

One of the potential shortcomings of traditional SaaS, as offered by our competitors, is the lack of flexibility to implement “custom features”. This is not so with WisageTech’s Economical Public Cloud services. DIY Customization features available to 8Manage users include:

  • Policy Settings is an 8Manage standard feature which allows the administrator to set-up policies at the enterprise level down to the project level as appropriate.
  • Searchable User Define Fields is an 8Manage standard feature which allows the user to create fields for capturing and returning lists of pages containing the user defined field(s) as search key(s)
  • User-defined Forms and Workflows is an 8Manage standard feature which allows the user to create forms and workflows for processing newly defined business items.
  • Point-and-Click Screen Generator is our easy-to-use standard feature that allows the user to generate sophisticated custom screens quickly.
  • Point-and-Click Report Generator is our easy-to-use standard feature that allows the user to generate sophisticated custom reports quickly.
  • Multi-dimensional Real-time Display Component Generator is our popular BI tool that allows the user to generate multi-dimensional view real-time display components to detect and analyze patterns.
  • Pre-built Data Warehouse & DIY Big Data Analysis is our easy-to-use standard feature that provides the user with pre-built data warehouse and big data analysis tools.
Mid-class Unlimited User Program

Successful implementation requires the mutual adaptation of the enterprise management systems and the user groups. With our Unlimited User Program , we offer our customers with the benefit of only paying a fixed price of for certain number of users but can roll-out the systems to unlimited number of users without paying any extra for a period of 3 years or 5 years. After the 3 or 5 years period, our customer will only need to pay us the amount based on the pre-agreed upon calculation methods or prices.

The Unlimited User Program will greatly reduce our customer’s risk and cost for a prolonged period of time.