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8Manage has helped us to enforce our policies and enhance our practices by tracking progress in real-time to control deviations and risks at the earliest possible time. 8Manage has incredibly increased our project management ability and operational efficiency.
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The Science and Technology Center of Xinjiang Rural Credit Cooperatives Union is using an 8Manage PMO produced by Wisage to govern its project management and daily operations. As a result, the Xinjiang Rural Credit Cooperative can assess the feasibility of project management policies and project actual execution results; has access to real-time tracking and monitoring of project work; and can effectively control project risks, greatly improving its management efficiency in daily operation and maintenance.


Xinjiang Rural Credit Cooperatives Union (Xinjiang RCC) was founded at the authorization of China Banking Regulatory Commission with the registered capital of 100 million CNY.

Xinjiang RCC has 14 region Credit Cooperatives, 83 county Credit Cooperative Unions, and nearly one thousand branch networks. Its business is mainly CNY savings deposit business, loan business and other businesses such as fund accounts settlement, collecting and paying service and etc.. In recent years, all the businesses of Xinjiang RCC have achieved great-leap-forward development and the main indicators have reached post-revaluation high. According to China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC), it ranks among the top in the nationwide small and medium-sized banking institutions in the operation and risk indicators ranking. 

Business Challenges

• Effectively control over the risks of major projects
• Standardize project manage- ment policies
• Electronized the daily opera- tion and maintenance

Xinjiang RCC has many new large-scale and expansive science and technology projects and project achievements are the core features for the financial and business modernization of Xinjiang RCC. Thus, science and technology are facing significant challenges to insure that all projects are completed within the required times and budget, and meet the quality requirements.

In addition, Xinjiang RCC is planning to become a commercial bank, which is increasing the necessity for management standardization. The Science and Technology Center must determine how to respond to these changes and how to effectively join established project management policies with project execution. It is demanding work.

Thirdly, the operation and maintenance of technological structure is of vital importance to the regular business operations. With the business development and the acceleration of system constructions, Xinjiang RCC is facing the challenges of improving work efficiency; the demands of knowledge accumulation; and the necessity of applying accrued information to operations and maintenance.

Solutions Needed

• Use 8thManage as a realtime project monitor platform
• Integrate the system compo- nents like policies, templates, document libraries with pro- ject planning and exection, forcing the project manage- ment policies to be feasibly executed
• Use 8thManage to develop and manage daily operation and maintenance

In order to effectively cope with the challenges mentioned above, the Science and Technology Center of Xinjiang RCC has shaped an integrated solution based on its management requirements, management policies and 8thManage PMO which served as the platform for project management and operation management. The solution mainly including the following aspects:

(1)In project management policy execution: standardizes the indicator requirements and approval procedures for project management using the 8thManage’s strategies and parameter-setting features; transforms the work flow of the management policies into the project planning, and makes the document template serve as the project quality reference by using the project template and document library template features. All these make the project management policies feasible and effective in implementation during the project execution.

(2)In project management: leverages the advanced project planning and execution capacity of 8thManage to manage the entire project cycle based on team collaboration; provides comprehensive managerial information at all levels to the leaders and project managers; effectively indentifies and controls the project risks and greatly increases the project management efficiency.

(3)In routine work management: Using 8thManage features such as issue recording and assigning, email reminder, real-time tracking, report searching and so on to facilitate the systematic management of routine work.


With 8thManage, project executions can be real-time monitored, project management policies can be practically executed, and the daily operation and maintenance have achieved systematic management and the prompt accumulation and reuse of knowledge.

With 8thManage, project management standardization and work planning efficiency have been greatly increased. All work can be effectively monitored - such as how the work is developing, what progress is being made, what problems have been occurred, how much do they cost, how the resources are doing and so on. For operation and maintenance management, 8thManage successfully standardizes the workflow; effectively improves the operation management efficiency; and achieves the timely accumulation of knowledge and application.

“We always expect of a system that it can manage our work, track how it developing, how it progressing, how much the workload costs, and what our employees are doing. 8thManage helps us fulfill all these management requirements. With 8thManage, Xinjiang RCC has achieved project management modernization and electronization. Moreover, 8thManage has helped us develop the good habit of frequently doing planning and summarizing.”

                                                                                          ---- Science and Technology Center of Xinjiang RCC