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8Manage has provided 360◦ client information to our sales teams and greatly enhanced our information sharing, efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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Contact us: +852-6969-6665 or +86-20-3873 2922

Founded in 1982 with operations in China, Jumbo City is a manufacturer of Printed Circuit Board (PCBs) that are used in toys, audio and video products, and other electronics. Jumbo City has won multiple quality awards and ISO certifications by providing high quality, reliable and affordable products. With market conditions becoming increasingly competitive, Jumbo City needed more efficient business processes to respond quickly to customers and reduce administrative costs.

Critical Issue
Despite demands for exceptional client service standards and quick sales response times, Jumbo City leaders found that their sales, marketing and support teams could not react appropriately. The key issue was their systems and processes for organizing client information and coordinating responses became increasingly complicated as the organization grew. People relied on email-based communications to drive process, which simply could not scale and left leaders without visibility into process performance data.

Solution Needed
Jumbo City needed an integrated system to share enterprise and customer business information between marketing, sales, engineering and production departments. They wanted a CRM solution that could expand to meet the needs of other organizational departments and business processes, providing a true 360°perspective on all client relationships. The ideal solution would be easy-to-use and broadly adopted, effectively transforming how work is performed and measured throughout the company.

We Provided
WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software are helping Jumbo City to achieve these capabilities.

• Improved accuracy and completeness of client account information
• Transformed ad-hoc, email-based business processes into well-defined procedures that are system automated and workflow driven
• Decreased average sales cycle by standardizing process steps and improving sales performance tracking
• Shortened client response times to drive improvement in client satisfaction ratings