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WisageTech has provided us the business management platform to streamline our processes to achieve real-time information sharing, higher efficiency and lower cost.
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Founded in 1978, Dailywin is a Hong Kong-based watch manufacturer specializing in digital and quartz watches, and watch accessories. Dailywin has manufacturing and exporting operations in over ten countries across North American, Europe and Asia.

Critical Issue
The President found that their market demand for personalized products was rapidly increasing, and they were too slow to incorporate new client requirements into their product line. After further investigation it became clear that manual processes and poor data quality caused mistakes and rework throughout product development life cycle. In addition, the sales team needed a way to stay closely connected and effectively collaborate with the business while traveling internationally.

Solution Needed
To grow market share and improve margins they needed to shorten cycle times on their core business processes (product development, manufacturing and distribution). The Dailywin leadership wanted a single system to automate customer and sales processes and connect them with downstream manufacturing and production processes. They believed all departments require consistent information and visibility across the product development life cycle to eliminate defects, rework and improve accountability. The system had to be web-based so the sales team could collaborate and track performance from anywhere around the world.

We Provided
WisageTech consulting services and 8Manage CRM software helped Dailywin achieve these goals.

• Integrated marketing, sales, product development processes to achieve real-time business management and shorten concept-to-delivery time for personalized product samples
• Increased revenue growth over 15%
• Average sales cycle decreased by 10 days
• Client product and service satisfaction ratings averaged over 95%