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Wing Hang Bank winning more and more cross-selling opportunities with 8Manage

Wing Hang Bank becomes more customer relationship-driven to give customer the best experience
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OCBC Wing Hang, together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, offers a comprehensive range of commercial banking products and services and other financial services such as consumer financing, share brokerage and insurance, among others. It has a network of over 100 branches and offices in Hong Kong, Macau and China.

As the business evolves, Wing Hang focuses on fostering deep customer relationships across all its divisions. Customer-centric management becomes the key to Wing Hang to retain customer relationships and mining customers’ needs. Yet, previously, the customer data was fragmented in different departments, customer trust was only built within individual business department. These multiple customer data silos result in inefficient corporation and business operation. And furthermore, people in each department had a different, incomplete, and unconnected view of their customers’ information which cannot help them understand their customers and may lead to wrong decisions.

Wing Hang spearheading customer-centric and rapid business growth with 8Manage

In order to avoid multiple customers information silos and increase sales efficiency, Wing Hang planned to invest in an advanced customer management platform to create a single unified and companywide customer information that cut across all business departments. After comparison, Wing Hang found that 8Manage can support and meet its customer digitalized management needs perfectly. 8Manage helps Wing Hang drive customer management innovation, solve information silos problems and grow its business. Wing Hang believed that 8Manage is a mission critical partner to help them to be a truly customer-centric organization.

Wing Hang drives revenue with an integration customer view that turns data into insights

Wing Hang has a variety of financial products, such as deposits, credit, insurance, investment, mutual fund transaction etc. But the systems that supporting these businesses are independent of each other, also the data are built in the individual business unit, cannot be interlinked. Wing Hang expects to adopt a CRM system to integrate these customer data in one system and the CRM system can perfectly integrate with their CIF system.

With 8Manage, Wing Hang can have a single, unified and real-time updated customer database for all its customer information. Each customer’s information (such as personal information, borrowing, saving, insurance, investment and other information) which was stored in individual business unit, now can be automatically imported into 8Manage CRM. Instead of perpetuating multiple silos, Wing Hang holds an integration 360-degree global view of customers. With the real-time integration information, Wing Hang can get the comprehensive up to the minute customer information, which covering the basic information of customers, assets and liabilities, holding products, and earnings etc.

8Manage also has built-in intelligent lead-management features. Without needing any additional data science or development, Wing Hang can get the insights of how the leads come in, what steps to take to increase the sales. And the bank employees are able to work more effectively across all branches. For example, the investment officials can use deposit information to recognize the customers’ purchasing capacity to offer relevant ideas and products to customers.

Mobility speeds up business efficiency and closely connect with customers

8Manage provides mobile CRM, bank employees can use mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access, update and interact with customer data wherever they are at any time. 8Manage mobile CRM solutions allow Wing Hang do everything they could do with CRM at their desktop and provides the addition of advanced mobile CRM features. Wing Hang expressed that with 8Manage CRM adoption, they have greatly improved sales productivity and effectiveness, improved lead conversion rates, reducing the cost associated with Cross-functional communication and gaining a competitive edge.

8Manage professional competence and advanced technology helps Wing Hang win success

As an important digital tool of enterprise management, CRM has been popular for many years, but for many enterprises, their CRM system is just looks fantastic, most of the features are out of their business needs. Successfully adopt a proven and effective CRM system, not only rely on the strong technical capacity of the CRM vendors, but also need the deep understanding and insights of banking business.

Wing Hang has a lot of complex financial products, if the CRM vendor is not familiar with its business, that’s no way to provide the effective tailor-made CRM system. The founder team of 8Manage have rich banking and financial industry background, they understand Wing Hand’s needs fully and can provide the customized solutions for Wing Hang according to its personalized needs. Wing Hang CRM implementation project which lasted 18 months from development to final delivery, was huge and arduous, but it was all worth it. Wing Hang is satisfied with the results, now the customer data from various business system are integrated into 8Manage CRM, all the customer data are real-time updated and connected across all departments, all of Wing Hang employees can see the customer information they need when they need it. The single and unified source of collective truth frees up time for bank workers to do what they do best and is a strong backbone for the right strategies.

Quickly and efficiently support Wing Hang’s fast-growing business

After the successful delivery of CRM system, we continually help Wing Hang update their CRM functions strengthen system maintenance to meet their needs of business development.

Banking products and services often need to update affected by the market or the change of government regulations, such as the rates change of deposit interest, launch new products, holiday promotions, and so on. 8Manage is 100% written in Java & JS and 100% mobile app and browser-based, besides the variety of point-and-click customization, 8Manage also provides SDK which can generate new pages and visual reports to perfectly respond to Wing Hang’s developing requirements.

Security and reliability is most critical for banking systems. As a reliable software vendor, we understand that if the bank system go down, operations are compromised and risks are increased. 8Manage team have extensive banking system maintenance experience and advanced technical ability, we help Wing Hang take the worry out of the CRM system operation, to ensure the CRM system are always reliable and security. Up to now, Wing Hang’s CRM system uptime is 99.9999%.